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Rocking that formal suit in perfection is not an easy task. Getting that entire head-to-toe coordinated look can get very tricky and it is then when you seek some expert advice on how to get it done the right way. For a suit-wearing guy like you, we have a simple guide here that serves as the perfect solution to get together a well-coordinated look. Be it a pair of loafers, brogues or oxfords, it is the color coordination that plays the pivotal role. 



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While making footwear purchases online, one tends to get second thoughts and that is all because when it comes to footwear, the factor ‘perfect fit’ rules before any other feature. Your selected footwear can be the best-looking pair from the most recent collection. But, if it doesn’t fit you well, it will only be a futile purchase and will leave you totally disappointed. It goes all wrong when you fail to measure your feet the right way for that perfect fit and size. Let us tell you how you should do it the right way.



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Whether you want to pull an understated look or a casually smart look, your brogues will never let you down. The origin of these humble shoes will surprise anybody. What was constructed initially keeping only functionality in mind, later evolved to become the most sought-after footwear for its high fashion quotient. The perforations (or brogues) were designed on the shoes to drain out water while crossing wet terrains. Today, they can be worn as classy dress shoes and also as attractive casual kicks. You get them in various styles, materials, and colors, all of them equally modish and sturdy. You can make your selection from the full brogue styles (wingtips), quarter brogue styles, and semi-brogue styles (half brogue). 


What Shoes to Wear this Rainy Season

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Rains are fun, rains are beautiful, but they can turn out to be messy too and that is when they start messing around with your favorite outfits, bags, or footwear. We know it is always suggested to wear dark colors during monsoons but why add on to the monsoon gloom with dark colors. Pep up your look with some pastels, neons, and try shades beyond the normal browns and blacks.


Lace up Your Shoe Style

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What else could you still brag about or do with the shoes you have? Yes, you have seen them turn into fish bowls and all kinds of stuff, but that also makes your shoes useless right. The only thing left is the laces.